Google “Betty White” today, and watch what happens

Happy Birthday, Betty White!

She would have been 100 years old today. Google ‘Betty White’ for a sweet Golden Girl-themed surprise.

Betty White would have turned 100 today. We combed the archives and found a treasure hidden within our collections: Pictures of a stunning Betty from a 1954 photoshoot by Look photographer Maurice Terrell. We hope you enjoy this collage as much as we do.

A message from Betty White’s official facebook page.

Hello Everyone! It’s Kiersten. Betty’s Assistant. On this special day, I wanted to share this photo of Betty. It was taken on 12/20/21. I believe it’s one of the last photos of her. She was radiant and beautiful and as happy as ever. Thanks to all of you who are doing kind things today and every day to make the world a better place

Many are missed, but very few are never forgotten. We will never forget you, Betty White. Thank you for always being YOU.