Gabriel Iglesias Say’s He’s Living Proof COVID Vaccine Works

Gabriel Iglesias He says he wouldn’t have been here today without the COVID vaccine … Shot tells us that this overweight diabetics helped this overweight diabetics easily defeat the virus.

We welcomed a comedian in New York City, and our photographer asked how he was doing after his recent groundbreaking COVID incident.

Gabriel says anyone hesitating to get a shot should take a shot, as he is confident that the vaccine helped him coast his seizures with the virus with only mild symptoms. ..

Waiting for permission to load Instagram media.

Gabriel’s Perspective … If you can survive COVID as a diabetic with over 300 pounds with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many basic health conditions, the vaccine must really work.

Gabriel says hangovers are worse than COVID symptoms, but he is very supportive of vaccination, but tell unvaccinated people on comedy tours why they don’t take cheap shots. increase.

Gabriel hasn’t preached to people about getting the vaccine … but he sings that praise.

Gabriel Iglesias Say’s He’s Living Proof COVID Vaccine Works.

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