Gabby Petito’s mom makes bracelets in daughter’s honor, says ‘celebrate and enjoy life’

Every day is a new opportunity to learn how to cope with loss. That’s exactly what the family of Gabby Petito is trying to do.

On Sunday, the Petito and Schmidt family learned that their daughter was found dead at the site of the Spread Creek campsite in Wyoming, just over a week after reporting her missing.

Now the family hopes to continue to share her love of life and adventure. One way they are doing so is by creating and sharing bracelets in her honor.

“It represents Gabby. Remember to celebrate and enjoy life and not be sad,” Petito’s mother Nicole Schmidt said.

When WFLA Now’s JB Biunno asked the family what they’d like the world to know about the bracelets and it’s significance to their memory of their daughter, they replied, “Live every day like it’s your last.”

While the bracelets are currently being shared with those closest to the family, Schmidt says “We’d love the whole world to wear them!”