Gabby Petito’s dad admits never liking Brian Laundrie, mocked him with nickname

Petito’s father reveals nickname he used to ‘intimidate’ Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito’s father, Joe, revealed during an interview with Dr. Phil that he used to call Brian Laundrie — the person of interest in his daughter’s homicide — Brianne. 

“I’ve never liked any of Gabby’s boyfriends, let’s be real. I’ve never actually called one of her boyfriends by their real name, ever. I always made up names for them,” he said. 

“I always tried to use the female version of the boyfriend’s names, just to intimidate them a little bit,” Joe Petito added. Petito says Laundrie “laughed” when he first heard the name. 

“They laughed,” Mr Petito said. “Although as the years progressed, I think [Gabby] prepared them for when they met me.’’

“He stole her car. That’s her van. ‘So you left, and you left her in the middle of nowhere and didn’t tell a soul,’” the dad said, referring to Laundrie. “‘And your first call was to an attorney.’

“How would he know to get an attorney? If you did nothing wrong … ‘Mr Petito, I left your daughter in the Grand Teton. We had an argument. I took her van, and I went home.’

“Well, all right, I let the authorities handle the theft of the car. I’m gonna go get my daughter, you know, whatever. You make the phone call. That means my daughter would be here right now because I would have picked her up.

“There is no scenario where you clam up the way he has,” the dad said.

The detail emerged as an attorney for Petito’s family reportedly told CBS News last week that “Gabby’s family was instructed by law enforcement to not discuss the details of Gabby and Brian’s relationship.”