Gabby Petito AUTOPSY – Former New York Chief Medical Examiner Michael Baden

Earlier this week the body that was found in Wyoming, was confirmed to be that of the beloved YouTuber.

The FBI said they will likely get the identity of the remains confirmed by Tuesday.

Former New York Chief Medical Examiner Michael Baden told Fox News the FBI may also have a cause of death if signs of trauma are “obvious,” such as a gunshot wound.

The autopsy results are expected to reveal the cause and time of death, whether the person died at the location where remains were discovered, and a DNA match.

“Most people want to hear about DNA,” he said before adding that the 22-year-old’s tattoos would have been a telltale sign.

Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue said on Tuesday that Petito’s official cause of death is still pending final autopsy results but that the initial manner of death is homicide.

An now an expert says it is highly unlikely an autopsy will provide quick answers in determining Gabby’s time and cause of death.

Speaking to Fox & Friends First, forensic pathologist Dr Priya Banerjee said: “You just never know what can be found with further testing.

“Then even with decomposition, sometimes the bugs found on the body and other tissue changes can even tell you help you along the lines for dating -bugs, soil elements that can actually, if a forensic entomologist gets involved, they can work backwards to try to deduce a better timeline for when she was killed.”