Funeral services for Gabby Petito up in the air

The lawyer representing Gabby Petito’s family said that funeral plans would be made after her stepfather returns her body to her family in New York.

According to the lawyer, the Teton County Medical Examiner is still examining Ms Petito’s remains.

Reporter Brian Entin said he spoke with the Moloney Funeral Home in New York, where services for Gabby Petito were expected on Sunday.

However, an issue has reportedly stalled that process and it is not unclear when funeral services for Ms Petito will be held.

Laundrie’s parents bring Ford Mustang home from North Port police

Brian Laundrie’s parents returned home Thursday morning with the Ford Mustang that authorities towed away for processing this week, Fox News has confirmed.

Roberta Laundrie then exited the Mustang and headed back into a truck driven by her husband, Chris, and left the property a second time.