Former co-worker says Petito and Laundrie were ‘couple goals’

A former co-worker of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie said that she “never would expect this” from either of the pair and suggested that they were “couple goals.”

Nicole Kalanich, who worked at a local Publix Supermarket with the couple, told NBC 6: “The only thing I could say is they were ‘couple goals,

“They were very happy, never would expect this from Brian or Gabby.”

Ms Petito worked in the pharmacy of Publix Supermarket to save up for her travels, while Mr Laundrie worked in the grocery department.

“They were saving up for this trip, I guess because he got her in to work at Publix,” Ms Kalanich said.

She added: “She [Ms Petito] was very happy never sad honestly. She always had energy to travel. She was very excited for this trip.”