Flash flood warning issued for more states

Occasional showers with some downpours continue this evening


Not much out there now, nice just kinda humidWe will have several waves of rain after 5/6 tonight. Tropical heavy downpours so yes this can impact the fair tonight!

Any of the rain would be capable of training, like we had last night. Rain continuing in a line over the same area so that’s where we can pick up on the flash flooding potential.

Of course all the rain is good and beneficial, but there’s so much moisture in the atmosphere there can be torrential rain and if you get a few inches of rain in 2 hours- that’s where the flooding comes in.

Heaviest rain will be early Wednesday morning and that’s when we’ll have the severe potential.

Damaging winds and yes tornado possible for Wednesday morning with the core of the rain. We will have plenty of windshear in place. So stay alert and pay attention to any warnings.

A lot of times with tropical tornadoes these can hit fast- so know where your safe place is, lowest level and away from windows. If a warning is issued get to your safe place FAST!

Do not attempt to look outside, you won’t be able to see anything with the rain anyways but you are wasting precious seconds. As far as the heaviest rain I have until at least noon- depending on how fast this can move out.

The faster, the earlier the rain stops and we’ll get a damp but dry afternoon. If we have some lingering activity it could stick around until early afternoon and then clear out.

The warning also covers Arlington and a small portion of Fairfax County, although the rain should move fairly quickly out of the warning area.

Flash flood warning cancelled

The earlier flash flood warning has been cancelled. Occasional showers continue this evening, with some downpours still possible. But overall most of the rain in the area at the moment is on the lighter side.

Flash flood warning for eastern Fairfax County, Alexandria and parts of western portions of the District.

Very heavy downpours are about to move through the same area hit by significant flooding Saturday night, prompting a flash flood warning. These downpours will pass in about an hour but could unleash 1 to 3 inches of rain in that time. Try to avoid traveling if possible and do not attempt to drive across a flooded road in your car. The warning is in effect until 8:15 p.m. but the heaviest rain should exit by around 7 p.m.

After some morning rain, we saw enough of a break plus clearing to send highs into the low and mid-80s. The break in the rain proved short-lived, as new heavy showers and storms cover parts of the area late this afternoon. We’ll continue dealing with those into the evening before they wane with sundown. More soupy conditions through tomorrow.

Through tonight: Some showers and storms continue into the evening, and there’s perhaps a few more overnight. Any of this activity can drop a lot of rain pretty quickly, potentially causing localized flooding. Humidity remains stifling. That may mean we see fog develop overnight and toward morning. Lows range from the low to mid-70s. Winds are light from the south.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): It’s another day with lots of clouds and minimal breaks of sun. With humidity reaching very high levels (dew point in the mid-70s) you might be glad for the lack of sun. While showers or storms are possible, it looks as if much of that activity might stay to our west. Highs are in the mid-80s. Winds are from the south around 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday storms: With the remnants of Fred seemingly ready to move to the west of us, we’ll need to keep an eye on Wednesday for the potential of some spinning storms. With high levels of humidity and a southeast wind, it won’t take much to get a risk of tornadoes. Tropical tornadoes are usually brief and relative weak, but they can cause damage nonetheless.

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