Police obtain warrant for Brain Laundrie’s computer

FBI loads boxes of evidence from Laundrie house into van

Police have obtained a search warrant for Brian Laundrie’s computer.

According to the warrant, the North Port Police Department intends to search Laundrie’s computer and external hard drives.

The computer and “external storage device(s)” are in police custody.

Reporters at the Laundrie house recorded FBI agents taking boxes of evidence out of the home and loading it into their van.

The FBI swarmed the house on Monday and spent hours combing over its interior. Brian Laundrie still has not been located.

Boxes and boxes of evidence now going into the FBI van at the Brian Laundrie house. It’s pouring rain.

North Port police bring collapsed boxes, food and drinks into the Laundrie home

North Point police have been spotted hauling collapsed cardboard boxes as well as food and drinks into the Laundrie household, suggesting law enforcement is anticipating a long day investigating the property.

The FBI swarmed the house earlier this morning after they obtained a search warrant to investigate.