Father dies after being shot while eating with family at Miami Beach cafe

Chilling Vid Shows Alleged Gunman Dancing and Laughing Over Body of Man He Randomly Shot in Front of Family at Miami Café

The 21-year-old dad begged the gunman not to shoot his one-year-old son with his last words.

A 21-year-old father was shot in front of his wife and one-year-old son while dining outside a Miami Beach cafe.

Dustin Wakefield, who was visiting with his family from Colorado, died after pleading with the gunman not to shoot the baby. Chilling witness video shows the alleged gunman, 22-year-old Tamarius Blair Davis Jr., dancing and laughing over the body of the victim he’d just shot:

“There was a guy sitting at a table with all his family and kids and everything,” one witness told WSVN. “He was right there, and the guy went there and shot the guy a few times.”

“He started dancing on top of the guy. I don’t know why.”

“What was so strange is the guy that was shooting, they said he was smiling and laughing the whole time that he was shooting the guy,” a second witness said.

Wakefield was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead. He’d been shot multiple times, including once in the head.

According to Miami Beach Police, one officer was nearby and heard a gunshot just before 6:30 PM. He said he saw Davis chasing after another man; as the officer moved in, he said he saw Davis turn the gun on someone on the patio at La Ceveceria restaurant, before firing several shots toward the ground.

The victim’s family told investigators he had pointed the gun at the infant first, but the father told him “He’s just a baby” — his final words.

According to an arrest report, Davis was found in a nearby alleyway trying to open a locked door while holding the gun, which he dropped when ordered.

Another witness video shows him lying in the alley while officers approach with guns drawn, as he yells “I did it! I did it!”

According to the arrest report, Davis confessed to picking both targets at random; his first target managed to escape unharmed. Police said he also confessed to being high on mushrooms, which made him feel “empowered.” Davis has since been charged second-degree murder, and attempted second-degree murder.

In his first court appearance on Wednesday, he asked a judge about his bond conditions. “Sir, you are being held with no bond,” the judge replied. “You shot and killed somebody in cold blood.”

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been set up to help the devastated young family.

“He’s a proud dad,” another witness told Local10. “When his son grows up and hears about this, he’s going to forever love his dad — no matter if he’s there or not.”

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