Ex-’America’s Most Wanted’ host John Walsh condemns ‘terrifying’ Laundrie

Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie fight footage ‘terrified’ John Walsh

Former “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh said he was “terrified” when he first saw bodycam footage of Gabby Petito’s fight with Brian Laundrie — calling it “classic domestic abuse.”

The famed citizen crime-fighter told CNN on Monday night that he was horrified watching the footage even before “chilling” new details showed the 911 caller saw Laundrie “slapping” his fiancee, whose remains are believed to have been found in Wyoming Sunday.

“I looked at it with an FBI agent friend of mine and I was terrified,” Walsh told Anderson Cooper of the bodycam footage of the couple’s Aug. 12 fight in Moab, Utah.

“We looked at it and I said, ‘This girl is terrorized. This is classic domestic abuse.

“He terrorized her not to tell the cops that he was the aggressor, he was the slapper and the puncher … She was terrified,” Walsh said.

The TV host said it was “chilling” to then hear the 911 caller to the incident saying from the start that Laundrie, 23, had slapped the 22-year-old Long Island woman, even though the Moab deputies who responded treated it as if she was the aggressor.

John Walsh said the bodycam footage of Gabby Petito’s fight with Brian Laundrie, “classic domestic abuse.”Moab Police Department via AP

“How is it that that 911 operator … didn’t get that information to those two deputies that stopped ’em?” he asked Cooper.

“It just was chilling to see that those cops didn’t get the information that the person who called in was so concerned that he pulled over a tourist and called 911 because he saw this guy beating the heck out of Gabby,” he said.

“And it’s so sad because she might be alive today.”

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