Dixie Fire near Chester California

Dixie Fire Update: Firefighters Battle To Save Chester; Lassen Volcanic National Park Shut Down; Guns Drawn On Firefighters

The Dixie Fire pushed north and west of the town yesterday, expanding by 50,000 acres and taking some buildings by the airport. It looks like the fire got up to the perimeter of the Collins Pine mill overnight and has burned through a lot of the Collins-Almanor forest. But the town still stands. The heat maps show the fire pushing into Lassen National Park. Our ranch is still about 4 miles to the west. Extremely low relative humidity and two shifts in wind direction predicted today.

Firefighters have been in a running battle with the Dixie Fire in the burning neighborhoods of Greenville and to the northwest in Chester since Wednesday afternoon, trying to save what homes and structures they could and making sure residents were able to escape the wall of flames.

The Sheriff’s Office is urging people to leave Chester now or go to the High School.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is urging people to leave the area immediately.

The Sheriff’s Office said people should leave east.

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If people cannot evacuate and are threatened by the fire, go to the Chester High School baseball field.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office said the fire entered the southwest area of Chester an hour ago.

The DixieFire is now 322,502 acres and is 35% contained. It was a very difficult night, the fire has largely missed Chester but destroyed much of Greenville. There are high winds, extremely low humidity and a red flag warning continuing today.

The trees, grass and brush were so dry that “if an ember lands, you’re virtually guaranteed to start a new fire,” fire spokesman Mitch Matlow said.

The Dixie Fire was running parallel to a canyon area that served as a chimney, making it so hot that it created enormous pyrocumulus columns of smoke. These clouds bring chaotic winds, making a fire “critically erratic” so it’s hard to predict the direction of growth, he added.