Disney Parks has released the new Genie and Genie+

To Skip the Line at Disney, Get Ready to Pay a Genie

For the first time, line-skipping privileges at Walt Disney World in Florida will cost $15 per person, an added cost for what is already an expensive destination.

What is the new Disney Genie?

Disney’s new Disney Genie service will help you plan out how to see multiple locations and ride multiple rides at Disney parks. The Disney Genie does all the planning for your visit to a Disney park.

  • However, to skip the lines, you will need to use the new Lightning Lane feature, which will only be available through Genie+. (Yes, Genie+. I’m not kidding).
  • The Genie+ service will cost $15 at Walt Disney World and $20 at Disneyland.
  • You can use the Lightning Lane feature for more than 15 attractions at Disneyland and more than 40 attractions at Walt Disney World.

More features of Disney Genie

The Disney Genie features can update your itinerary throughout the day. So sometimes you can be spontaneous or follow Genie’s plan.

  • You can create your own personal tip board so you can see your favorite rides and review wait times for those rides.
  • Disney Genie allows you to join a virtual queue for certain attractions, too.

More features of Genie+

For Genie+, you will need to pay the aforementioned fees depending on which park you visit. Once you do, you can “choose the next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences using the Lightning Lane entrance,” according to Disney Parks.

  • You can only make one selection at a time.

And, per Disney Parks, the Genie+ services give you some audio experiences, photo features and even augmented reality lenses that will help you see your parks in a new way. Oh, and you get unlimited Disney Photopass downloads.

Disney declined to discuss its pricing plans for this option. The company also declined to list the attractions, though one will be Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a gentle Disney World roller coaster where the standby wait can exceed two hours on busy weekends. (On Tuesday night it was 85 minutes.)

“This allows us to, No. 1, create a better guest experience,” Josh D’Amaro, the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, said in a Zoom interview. “It should be obvious, but a better guest experience is better for our business. No. 2, it allows us to best utilize our capacity — you can distribute demand much more effectively through your ecosystem. And then obviously there is revenue attached to this. That revenue we get to then reinvest in new experiences.”

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