Danish YouTuber dies after falling from Italian mountains during video shoot

Leading Danish YouTuber Albert Derland fell to his death while shooting a video in the Italian Alps.

The 22-year-old Danish YouTuber fell from Mount Saxada at a height of 656 feet in Val Guardina, after which a helicopter was deployed to rescue him, but Darland could not be rescued and he died on the spot after falling from such a height.

Albert Derland’s mother, Viber Jarger Jensen, confirmed the news of YouTuber’s death on a Danish news channel and asked YouTuber fans to respect his family’s private life.

“We are shocked but I would like her fans to know,” said Derland’s mother.

Derland has 171,000 followers on YouTube and more than 235,000 on Instagram. 

He is also known for his songs ‘Emoji’ and ‘Waffles’ and his performance in the 2019 comedy film ‘Team Albert’.

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