Customer leaves $16,000 tip at New Hampshire restaurant

In a surprising incident, a diner left over $16,000 tip on $37.93 bill at a restaurant in New Hampshire, US.
The incident came to light when the owner of the restaurant shared a photo of the bill on Facebook.

In his Facebook post, the restaurant’s owner Michael Zarella thanked the anonymous diner for his generosity. He wrote, “Stumble inn had a very generous customer. We thank you for your generosity.” The receipt shows the diner left a tip of $16,000.

Zarella admitted that when he first saw the bill on June 12, he assumed that it was a mistake. Speaking to NBC, he said, “I thought it was a mistake. Typo.” He further added that the diner wanted to remain anonymous. Mr Zarella said that the man seemed like a regular diner until he paid the bill.