COVID-22, new variant which is deadlier than Delta

New Super Variant ‘Covid-22’ May Be More Dangerous Than Delta, Claim Experts

Coronavirus super variant ‘Covid-22’: Experts have cautioned about the new Super Variant ‘Covid-22’. They claim that it could be more dangerous than the delta variant.

Doctor Sai Reddy, who is a Zurich-based scientist said that it was “inevitable” for the virus to combine and make a deadlier strain of virus, especially with variants like Delta (India), Beta (South African), and Gamma (Brazil) in the picture. 

The Sun quoted Prof Reddy as saying, “COVID-22 could get worse than what we are witnessing now. If such a variant appears, we have to recognize it as early as possible and the vaccine manufacturers have to adapt the vaccine quickly. The emergence of this new variant is a big risk. We have to prepare for it.”

He further said that the viral load of Delta is so high that without vaccination, every person infected with the variant can be a super spreader. He says that due to Delta ‘it is no longer Covid-19’ and feared that anyone who refuses to get the vaccine will get infected at some point. Dr. Reddy said that all children should be vaccinated because there is enough evidence that the vaccine does not pose a risk to children below the age of 12 years.

He added, “It is almost likely that a new variant will come where we can no longer rely solely on vaccination. So we have to be prepared for more than one vaccination in the next few years, which is constantly adapting to new variants.”

The beta and gamma variants can partially evade antibodies, while the delta variant is “highly contagious”, he said.

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