Construction of the First-Ever Space Hotel to begin in 2025

In a few short years, you won’t need to be an astronaut to get to spend a night in space with the world’s first ‘space hotel’ beginning construction in 2025.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is developing the Voyager Station and they hope to be operational as early as 2027 after the infrastructure is built in orbit around the Earth.

Plans for the space station show a large circle that will rotate and create artificial gravity that will be set to a level similar to the gravity on the surface of the Moon, which is about 1/6 of the gravity of Earth. Voyager Station’s hotel will have many features that you might find at a resort, or on a cruise ship. It will come equipped with restaurants, a theater, spa and rooms for 400 people.

According to experts, the average cost of launching items and supplies to space has been about $8,000 per kg.

If fully realised it will be the largest human created object ever put into space.