Confirmation that Brian Laundrie’s mother was at Fort DeSoto campground

Park record appears to confirm Brian Laundrie’s mother visited site of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ‘tip’

Pinellas County Parks records appear to confirm that Brian Laundrie’s mother visited the site of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s “tip” – Fort De Soto Park in Florida.

Daniela Hurtado of ABC7 Sarasota tweeted that she acquired documentation from Pinellas County Parks that appears to show that Roberta Laundrie checked in to site 001 at Fort De Soto Park on 6 September and checked out two days later on 8 September, but she added that the records don’t reveal who may have accompanied her.

The reporter added that there are cameras at the park and that they are operated by the Pinellas Sheriff’s Office, according to the county’s public information specialist.

Ms Petito posted an image to her Instagram in February of herself along with Mr Laundrie geotagged at the Fort De Soto Historical Fort, according to Fox News.

Mr Laundrie is a “person of interest” in the investigation into the death of his fiancée Ms Petito, and he’s wanted by the FBI on charges of bank fraud. He has not been seen since 14 September.

Ms Petito’s body was found weeks after her disappearance in the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area in Wyoming, and she is believed to have died between 27 August and 30 August.

After visiting the Florida park in February, Ms Petito and Mr Laundrie appear to have posted a review of the campsite on the camping app The Dyrt under the name “Gabby & Brian V”. They appear to have been in control of the account despite the inaccurate initial for Mr Laundrie – starting the account in July.

Duane “Dog” Chapman, known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, told Fox News that he received a tip suggesting that Mr Laundrie and his parents camped at the Fort De Soto Park in early September.

Mr Chapman claims that the family visited the park twice, 1-3 September and 6-8 September. He added that on the second trip, three people entered the park but only two people left.

“They were registered, went through the gate,” he said. “They’re on camera. They were here.”

Both of Mr Laundrie’s parents have denied having any knowledge or being in any way involved in their son’s disappearance.

Mr Chapman joined the search for Mr Laundrie on Saturday and was seen banging on the door of the parents’ home in North Port, Florida, before the mother called 911.

Ms Hurtado tweeted that she tried to submit a public records request for the video but that she was told by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office that the FBI is “handling all inquiries and requests in reference to the case”.

She said FBI representatives told her that they “won’t be saying anything” and kept telling her to check the agency’s Twitter account.