Comedian Umer Sharif passes away at 66

Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif dies in Germany

Legendary comedian Omar Sharif has died in a German hospital after a long illness.

Actor Omar Sharif was admitted to a German hospital for 4 days. He was being taken from Karachi to Washington for treatment but due to ill health he was admitted to a German hospital.

Legendary actor and comedian Omar Sharif has been suffering from heart, kidney and various other ailments for a long time.

Omar Sharif has been undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karachi for several weeks. Doctors had asked him to be admitted to a US hospital for treatment. Omar Sharif was airlifted to an air ambulance on Tuesday, September 28.

The first stop of the air ambulance was in Germany, where after landing, Omar Sharif, who was on board the plane, was taken to a local hospital in Nuremberg with fatigue and a mild fever. Omar Sharif also underwent dialysis at the hospital.

Omar Sharif’s condition deteriorated during dialysis at a Nuremberg hospital.

Comedy King’s real name was Mohammad Omar but he started working in stage dramas in 1974 and changed the name used in the play to ‘Omar Zarif’. Later he changed from Omar Zarif to Omar Sharif.

Omar Sharif started his career as a stage actor in 1974 at the age of 14 and released his plays on audio cassettes for the first time in 1980.

Omar Sharif also did countless shows on TV and in one such show ‘Omar Sharif vs Omar Sharif’ he appeared in more than 400 guises which is a record.

Comedy King in India:

Along with acting and hosting, Omar Sharif also served as a judge in laughter programs.

Among these shows, India’s most popular program ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ topped the list, where he served as a judge along with Navjot Singh Sadhu.

Omar Sharif is known as a TV, stage actor, film director. He gained a lot of popularity in the world of stage and theater not only in the country but also across the border.

He has worked in showbiz for nearly 5 decades and has performed in dozens of plays, stage theaters and live shows.

Omar Sharif in the film Nigri:

Omar Sharif also starred in some Pakistani films and made a name for himself there. His pairing with Shakila Qureshi in films was well received.

His popular films include Mr. 420, Mr. Charlie, Family and Lot Sahib. He was also awarded for Best Actor in Mr. 420.

Omar Sharif’s most popular stage plays:

Omar Sharif’s fans still watch and enjoy timeless stage dramas like ‘Bakra Kastoon Pe’ and ‘Badha Ghar Pe Hai’.

I will take you to the bride in Omar Sharif’s popular stage dramas, hello Karachi, style your own, make my Eid too, new ami old daddy, this is a new spectacle, this is a new era, this is a new Eid, Eid Tere Naam, Samad Bond 007, Lahore to London, Grapes are sour, Petrol Pump, Loot Sale, Half Plate, Omar Sharif In Jungle, Chaudhry Plaza etc.

Omar Sharif and philanthropy:

Omar Sharif was also a philanthropist. He established the Omar Sharif Welfare Trust in 2006.

Omar Sharif’s record in awards:

In recognition of Omar Sharif’s services, he has been awarded many honors, including the Nigar Award and the Medal of Distinction.

Omar Sharif won the National Award in 1992 for best acting and directing in the film ‘Mr. 420’.

Omar Sharif, who ruled the world of comedy, won ten awards in his life.

Not only this, but the world record of Omar Sharif Awards also holds its own name. Omar Sharif is the only actor who has won four Nigar Awards in the same year. Undoubtedly, this is an honor for any artist.