Chip Shortage To Increase More in Late 2021, Says Intel CEO

Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel has recently said that the present chip shortage issue will hit higher by the late 2021 before any changes in regards to this matter.

However, he highlighted that this is massive issue for computer as well as the semiconductor industry because nowadays the trend of work-from-home is on peak where the latest systems have turn the leads and the demand for the processors along with the chips have been increased.

Due to the high and growing demand for computers worldwide, the companies have increased the prices for their products as there is a shortage of semiconductors recorded in the market, reports says.

According to the reports, processors and the chip are not the only products that are short in global markets but all sort of computer parts have also been recorded to getting short globally.

Official reports says that the situation remains the same overall in the world as this could potentially ruin the computer industry or affect it massively by forcing the stores to sell the limited number of computers due to the shortage.