Channing Tatum ‘Wasn’t Available’ After Daughter’s Birth

Jenna Dewan spoke candidly about the early challenges of being a working mother, while her then-husband Channing Tatum was unavailable “for weeks” after the birth of their daughter due to his work schedule.

Jenna Dewan revealed a surprising part of her life with ex-husband Channing Tatum, opening up about how she was alone in parenting their daughter for weeks after she was born.

Dewan, 40, explained that balancing work with being a mom to now-8-year-old Everly was “really hard” because she had to be on set for long hours at a time, which gave her “a lot of postpartum anxiety.”

“I did have her on set with me constantly. It was just really difficult. … It was like, I just never stopped. You know, you’re up a couple times in the night and then you’re working all day,” she recalled. “I was breastfeeding, I was pumping, I was without a partner, I mean it was just craziness.”

The “Take the Lead” actress had a different experience entirely while welcoming now-16-month-old son Callum with husband Steve Kazee, sharing that she was “so grounded” during the process.

Of the experience with her second child, Dewan recalled the period after his birth as “grounded.”

“Even though the world was crazy, I was home and in this love nest and it was different,” she shared of her time at home postpartum with Callum and Kazee amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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