Zahir Jaffer has been found guilty, Will sentenced to death or life imprisonment

Zahir Jaffer has been found guilty in the police challan

Progress has come out in the case of Noor Mukadam, a woman who was killed in Islamabad. Federal police have completed the challan of Noor Mukadam case.

Sources said that the accused Zahir Jaffer has been found guilty in the police challan. The parents of the accused and the owner and employee of the therapy works have also been found guilty in the challan.

Sources said that the police will present the challan in the court on Monday or Tuesday. The challan calls for severe punishment for all the accused.

Sources said that in the police challan, the accused Zahir Jaffer has been requested to be sentenced to death.

It is to be noted that in the horrific incident of murder just one night before Eid-ul-Adha in Kohsar police station of Islamabad, accused Zahir Jaffer had killed Noor Mukadam, daughter of former ambassador.

After the crime of the main accused, his parents gave the color of murder as theft, according to the police investigation, despite knowing the intentions of the accused for several hours, they kept trying to hide the crime.

Police sources said that the accused Zahir Jaffer has been sentenced to death or at least life imprisonment. The challan prepared against the accused will be presented next week.

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