Cassie Laundrie shared last text messages with Gabby Petito

Cassie Laundrie, Brian Laundrie’s sister, has shared exclusively with @GMA one of her last text messages with Gabby Petito as well as postcards she shared with her children along her trip.

“Ahh oh my gosh I can’t believe school started already!!! Haha I saw your post on Instagram! So cute!! Send me the picture of the boys to show Brian!! Lol and I love their backpacks too!!” Petito texted Cassie on Aug. 10, the screenshot shows.

“We’re in arches right now so we don’t have be [sic] best WiFi, but we did send you some mail,” she added, apparently referring to the Arches National Park north of Moab in Utah.

Petito also sent Cassie several postcards, including from Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park and Red Canyon, part of the state’s Dixie National Forest about 10 miles outside of Bryce.

“Guess what!! Oh my Gosh! Me and uncle Brian were sitting on a Rock eating a snack after our long walk, and the fattest Squirrel I’ve ever seen!!! Came Right on my lap!! And with its tiny Hands Stole a piece of the granola bar I was eating!! Can you Believe it!” Petito wrote.

“He must steal everyones Food … oh man! That’s wild! A Squirrel!!!! Lol! Aunt Gabby,” she added.

In another postcard shared with “GMA,” she wrote: “Uncle Brian and I miss you so much! Everywhere we go Reminds us of you, like the Red Rocks at Bryce Canyon! The sky here is so open, there’s more stars than I’ve ever seen!!”

She added: “Scorpio is so Big and bright every night! It’s always the first one me and uncle Brian Spot! Love Aunt Gabby.”