Case of disappeared postal worker Kierra Coles unresolved after three years

Postal worker Kierra Coles, 26, disappeared three years ago in her home neighbourhood when she was expecting her first child.

Ms Coles was three months pregnant when she disappeared on 2 October 2018 on the south side of Chicago. Her car was found in front of her apartment, including her phone and lunch.

According to the Chicago Police Department, Ms Coles’ case is “a high-risk missing person investigation with potential foul play suspected”.

Her mother, Karen Phillips, says she has not been given any information about the case when she has reached out to law enforcement.

“I could never reach nobody. They’re gone to lunch, they’ll call me back, they’re out of the office. It’s always something,” she told ABC News. “They don’t even reach out and say, ‘Well, Ms Phillips, we’re still going through this’ … or, ‘We don’t have any new leads.’ Just say something.”

The police department told ABC that they urge “anybody with knowledge of her last whereabouts … to contact the Chicago Police Department”.

“We are seeking any and all information in an attempt to locate her and we won’t stop until we do,” they added.

Ms Phillips says the situation is “unbearable”.

“I went from seeing my child every day – if not seeing her, at least talking to her every day – to not seeing her in three years,” she told ABC. “I try to stay strong for the other kids, I try to not really break down in front of them. But we talk about her all the time, we got pictures everywhere. We just really want her home.”