Offset just got $2 million richer!! That is… after Cardi B gifted him a fat check at his celeb-filled, sneaker-themed birthday bash.

Offset turned the big 3-0 earlier this month, and last night he and Cardi turned things waaaay up by cutting her hubby a $2 mil check … during a night filled with money-hurling, drinks and lots and lots of twerking.

As you see, hubby and wife let loose for the celebration. Offset was decked out in a Louis Vuitton blue jacket, and Cardi’s chest glistened with a giant Playboy bunny chain. As you know, she was recently anointed the mag’s creative director.

Now, she’s looking to help her man diversify too … Cardi says the $2 mil check for Offset is seed money for some big biz ventures he has coming up in 2022.

That’s the trend in show biz these days … significant others are pumping up loved ones’ portfolios. Remember, Tiffany Haddish‘s wish list was real estate, and ditto for Cardi. Investments are the new Lambo!!!

But, back to the party … Cardi and Offset weren’t the only big names front and center … KanyeThe GameTakeoffFrench and Quavo also pulled up to last night’s event.

Ye came solo, in authentic Kanye fashion … a purple hoodie, covering his face with a black baseball cap and sunglasses in the dead of night. He layered things up with an oversized leather coat, grey jeans and chunky-soled boots.

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