Brian Laundrie’s parents re-enter their home amid FBI search

Reporters outside of the Laundrie home confirm that Brian Laundrie’s parents have re-entered their home as the FBI executed a search warrant.

The Laundrie’s were taken out of the house to sit inside a van parked on the driveway for about 10 minutes, reporters said.

The parents were brought back into their home moments ago.

WFLA reports that Brian Laundrie’s dad went out to a car on his driveway to gather documents about 20 minutes before police cars swarmed his home. It is unclear from which car he grabbed documents.

Reporters outside the Laundrie family home said that Brian Laundrie’s parents were allowed to re-enter their home after FBI agents removed them.

FBI agents swarmed the Laundrie home earlier this morning as they executed a search warrant at the property. The home is now considered a crime scene.

The Laundries were kept in an unmarked white van while they awaited approval from the FBI to return to their home.

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