After 29 days missing, Brian Laundrie is now most likely either dead or getting extensive external help, survival experts said.

People who are stranded in the wilderness “break down within five or six days,” according to Jason Marsteiner, the founder and lead instructor of Colorado Mountain Man Survival, quoted by Insider.

“Especially if they don’t have food; you’re not eating what your body needs,” he added. “You’re either going to get angry or you are going to have some sort of emotional distress that makes you make poor decisions. Plus, he’s got this stress of the situation — why he’s being pursued to begin with.”

He added mental health and the hope to be rescued plays a crucial role in keeping a stranded person alive. However, in Laundrie’s case where the police are already on a hunt for him, it’s difficult to keep up hope.

“And the only way that you really have that mental fortitude is if there’s that hope of it. So in this specific scenario of if this guy gets rescued — ‘rescued’ — his life is not going to be better than it was in the past,” he added.He also added that Laundrie, who has been described as a “mediocre survivalist” by his sister, could not have survived without the necessary equipment.

“For somebody to go out in the woods, or wherever it is they are — for them to survive for 29 days now, for Laundrie, with a minimal amount of gear, it’s going to be quite difficult. Surviving is not something that you’re going to pick up quickly.” Is the most visited news, Trending Topics and current affairs website. All rights reserved to Maria Memon Media Group for all content published on this website.