Blaming Pakistan should stop now, President Arif Alvi

President Dr. Arif Alvi

President Dr. Arif Alvi has denied allegations by Western and Afghan officials that he supports the Taliban.

In an interview with Turkish state TV, the President said that the blame game against Pakistan should end now.

He said that there should be a government of the will of the Afghan people in Afghanistan and they would support any government formed in Kabul according to the will of the Afghan people.

Dr Arif Alvi added that Prime Minister Imran Khan had always said that fighting was not the solution to the Afghan problem, adding that Pakistan was important as Afghanistan’s neighbor.

He said that Pakistan-US relations have always been good and strong, the Afghan people have welcomed the Taliban, no country is responsible for the downfall of the former government of Afghanistan.

The president also said that the international community must come forward to rebuild Afghanistan, adding that the Taliban had guaranteed that Afghanistan’s territory would not be used against any other country.

He said that Pakistan and Turkey have a common position on many issues and the Afghan issue has also been discussed between the two countries.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that there should be no bloodshed in Afghanistan, I do not think that women in Afghanistan will be discriminated against.

He said that Pakistan was informing the international community about the worst situation in occupied Kashmir.

The President said that Pakistan and Turkey have an ideal friendship. There is a need to further enhance cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey in many areas. Pakistan wants better relations with all its neighbors, including India.

“The Indian government is discriminating against minorities. We have alerted the international community to India’s mistreatment of minorities,” he said.

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