Biden to visit Louisiana to see Hurricane Ida damage

Biden to visit Louisiana on Friday to survey hurricane damage

President Joe Biden will travel on Friday to Louisiana, where he will survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ida and meet with state and local leaders.

The White House announced the trip on Wednesday, just days after the hurricane struck Louisiana on Sunday, leaving residents reeling from vast flooding and destruction. Hundreds of thousands of people are still facing power and water outages.

Hurricane Ida struck the Gulf coast last weekend and carved a northern path through the eastern United States, culminating in torrential rains and widespread flooding in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas on Wednesday.

The Associated Press puts the death-toll in the north-east from Hurricane Ida at 48, two higher than I had in my intro.

Two more deaths are reported in New Jersey, the state which has paid the highest price in lives after being hit by tornadoes at one end and flooding at the other.

“We’re still not out of the woods,” he told NBC News’ “Today” program, adding that his biggest concern following the wreckage was grappling with remaining high waters and damage. “We’re going to clean up … but it may be a long road.”

The fifth most powerful hurricane to strike the United States came ashore in southern Louisiana on Sunday, knocking out power for more than a million customers and water for another 600,000 people, creating miserable conditions for the afflicted, who were also enduring suffocating heat and humidity.

The administration deployed more than 3,600 employees from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Ahead of the storm, FEMA staged more than 3.4 million meals, millions of liters of water, more than 35,700 tarps and hundreds of generators.

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