Beijing hit by biggest Covid outbreak days before Winter Olympics 2022

Winter Olympics 2022: Beijing reports spike in new virus cases

Despite enforcing what critics called the world’s toughest lockdown, the Chinese capital has been plagued by infections that threaten to throw an international sporting event into turmoil.

Officials have locked down parts of the Fengtai district after the country’s brutal “zero-coupon” policy appears to have backfired at the worst time.

Beijing has been ravaged by the biggest Covid outbreak in 18 months days before the Winter Olympics begin

Around two million people are set to be tested after a dramatic spike in cases ahead of the Winer Olympics Opening Ceremony on February 4.

China’s National Health Commission has reported 20 new cases of H7N9 lung infections today in Beijing, the highest number of infections there since June 2020.

And Covid is already partly inside the Olympic “closed-loop” bubble, too—as a report from organizers revealed 34 new infections among visitors.

Thirteen athletes or officials are arriving at the airport, but they won’t be able to participate in the games due to injuries sustained just five days before competition begins.

Lockdowns have been enforced and up to 2 million residents will be tested

The Games’ medical chief, Brian McCloskey, said Friday had been “the peak period” of arrivals—about 12 hours earlier. He said that was when doctors saw the most patients.

Athletes who have tested positive are only permitted to take part in the sporting event if they provide two negative tests in a day.

The NHC reported 54 new cases nationwide on Sunday, despite residents being subject to many restrictions since the first outbreak.

People living in shuttered areas must only leave their houses to get a Covid test – or in a medical emergency.

Olympics officials reported 13 athletes or officials have tested positive for Covid

Because of the continuing spread of Covid infections, the 13 million residents of Xi’an are required to remain indoors as much as possible.

No tickets have been sold to foreign spectators or locals due to the soaring infections.

To prevent the spread of the virus, officials have cordoned off the public from a scaled-back Olympic torch relay.

Princess Anne has already pulled out of attending, due to “travel restriction difficulties”.