Paramount Accused of Firing ‘Jackass’ Actor Over Mental Health

Bam Margera Is Suing Johnny Knoxville Over Getting Fired From Jackass Forever

Jackass co-creator Bam Margera is suing Johnny Knoxville, Paramount Pictures, MTV and others over his firing from the franchise’s upcoming movie.

Seeking millions of dollars in damages, the 39-page complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court (read it here), cites “Defendants’ inhumane, abusive and discriminatory treatment of Plaintiff Margera, and for their wrongful termination of him from the Jackass franchise he created.”

The suit says that in March 2020, Paramount signed Margera for a fourth Jackass film, now titled Jackass Forever. They conditioned Margera’s participation and compensation on his adherence to a “Wellness Agreement” that obligated him to complete multiple daily drug tests. The suit claims that “while Margera was in a rehabilitation facility in 2019, Spike Jonze (his producer) and Knoxville (his co-star), accosted him and coerced him into signing the draconian” agreement.

“My lawsuit isn’t just about compensation,” Margera said in the statement. “It’s about treating people with mental health and addiction issues in an honest manner and not taking advantage of their disabilities to rip them off.”

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