Baby dies in hospital after mother falls while swooped by magpie in Brisbane

Baby dies after mother ‘falls trying to duck swooping magpie’

A baby has died after her mother tripped and fell while trying to duck a swooping magpie, reports say.

The little girl suffered critical head injuries in the fall and was rushed from Glindemann Park in Brisbane, Australia, to a hospital at midday on Sunday.

She sadly could not be saved and was pronounced dead at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

An ambulance spokesperson said: ‘A mother had reportedly been ducking to avoid a magpie and then tripped over with a baby in her arm.’

Baby Mia was in her mother’s arms when a magpie swooped at them at a Brisbane park on Sunday.

The five-month-old suffered critical injuries when her mother fell during her efforts to dodge the bird. She later died in hospital.

Relatives have launched a Gofundme campaign to raise money to cover Mia’s funeral costs and giver her mother, identified only as Simone, and her father, Jacob, time to process their enormous loss.

“Mia’s arrival made Jacob and Simone’s lives complete, they constantly doted over her, showered her with love, and shared her for all their loved ones to adore,” extended family members wrote.

“Everything about Mia was perfect, from her head full of hair to her tiny little nose, and her little long toes,” fundraiser organisers and Mia’s Aunties Sophie P and Katie Hunt said. “Beautiful she was and loved by all who got to meet her. The joy Mia brought to all of our lives cannot be described in words, but is certainly felt in all of our hearts.”

A number of signs warning about swooping birds were in place around the area where this incident occurred and our officers have now installed several more.

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