Ayesha Akram identified 6 accused, Minar e Pakistan Harassment Incident

LAHORE: Tik toker Ayesha Akram, a victim of harassment at Minar Pakistan, has identified six accused.

Tik toker Ayesha Akram along with her partner Rambo came to Lahore Camp Jail under tight security. Where the identity parade of the accused was held in the presence of the Judicial Magistrate, all the accused in the jail were brought before Ayesha in groups.

Prison officials say Ayesha Akram identified six suspects during the identification parade.

It should be noted that Ayesha Akram was harassed by hundreds of people on the occasion of Independence Day. After the video went viral, Ayesha Akram had registered a case and 400 unknown persons were named. Police arrested more than 160 people who are currently in Camp Jail through video of the incident.

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