Agreement reached with Taliban not to attack Kabul: Acting Afghan Interior Minister

Acting Afghan Interior Minister

The Afghan Taliban have entered the outskirts of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Acting Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mir Zakwal said on the occasion that an agreement had been reached with the Taliban not to attack Kabul.

In a statement issued to the media, he said that under the agreement, the transfer of power to the interim government would take place in a peaceful atmosphere.

Afghan officials told that behind-the-scenes talks were underway between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Afghan officials say the Afghan government does not want bloodshed, trying to resolve the issue without a war.

Earlier, in a statement issued on Afghan media, the Taliban said that they would not enter Kabul by force.

The Taliban have said they will not take revenge, saying “we are not taking revenge, all military and civilian personnel will be safe.”

Speaking to Arab TV, the Taliban spokesman said they would not enter Kabul by force, but would negotiate a peaceful transfer of power.

He also said that he wanted the Afghan capital to be controlled peacefully, and would wait a few days or even weeks.

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