Afghanistan became the most searched country on Google after Taliban control

Historical Google search for ‘Afghanistan’ after Taliban control

The country has been the most searched country on Google since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. 

According to foreign media reports, Afghanistan has been searched more in Google Trend in the month of August than it has ever been searched before today. 

It should be noted that on August 15, the Taliban, advancing towards Kabul, not only captured almost all of Afghanistan, but also toppled Ashraf Ghani’s government. 

Afghanistan’s top civilian and military leadership quit their jobs, while several people, including Ashraf Ghani, fled the country. 

While the world saw a historic moment, Google also saw a historical trend related to Afghanistan. 

It is said that in the month of August, “Afghanistan” got a spike on Google trend which has never been seen in this search engine since 2004.

The top topics in this search are: Airbnb Afghan Refugees, Trump sending plane to Afghanistan, Jocko Willink Video Afghanistan, Seth Moulton Afghanistan, Seth Moulton.

Most of these trends are related to the crisis in Canada and Afghanistan.

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