Admiral Bauer head of the NATO Military Committee Message to the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan

On Thursday 19 August 2021, the NATO Military Committee convened a special meeting with its Resolute Support Mission Partners to discuss the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and the continued coordination of their common approach.

The retreat of the government and army in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s control of Kabul have caused great anxiety and depression in the Western nations as well as in the NATO forces.

In light of this concern, the head of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bor, said in a video message to his and allied troops fighting in Afghanistan after the meeting of the Military Committee: What is discussed? The pace of collapse of the Afghan security forces and government has sparked a heated debate in our forces and societies.

“The one million people who have served in Afghanistan in uniform, your sacrifices there, bring this issue closer to our hearts,” he said.

A lot of people are asking if it was worth it, were our efforts in vain?” He asked.

The answers to these questions are very personal. But on behalf of the military committee, I want to tell you all that fighting for what you believe in is never in vain.

He went on to say that one million of our men and women have left their loved ones behind to help build a better future for the people there.

“Sacrificing one’s life in the service of freedom is tantamount to sacrificing a lot,” he said. But when it is done, it can also cause physical or mental scars.

In his video message, he added that there are also families who are facing huge losses. Please contact a friend or experienced organization for help as you deserve it.

Addressing his people, he said, “I would like to say to all of you that your services in Afghanistan have transformed the country into irreversible just as it has transformed you into irreparable.” The individual sacrifices you have made should never be taken lightly.

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