Actress Dardana Butt passed away

Pakistan showbiz industry senior actress Dardana Butt has died at the age of 83 due to corona.

Dardana Butt has been in hospital for the past two weeks after being diagnosed with corona.

Actor Khalid Malik confirmed the death of Dardana Butt in a social media message.

He wrote, “Dardana Apa has left the world and gone to the real Creator. Dardana Butt, a wise, funny, insightful Dartana Butt, was a special soul, who is no longer in this world.”

A large number of users on the actor’s post are praying for forgiveness for the painful butt.

Earlier, Khalid Malik had mentioned about his illness and transfer to ventilator.

A few days ago, a message issued by Dardana Butt’s niece Maleeha Khan said, “My aunt Dardana Butt, who won the Medal of Distinction, is currently fighting bravely against Corona.”

The message issued by the niece appealed for prayers from the fans.

Dardana Butt was born on May 9, 1938 in Lahore. Dardana Butt started acting in the 70’s.

Dardana Butt’s popular dramas include Angan Tirha, Dagdagi, Lonhayan, Fifty Fifty, Shame, Wait.

Dardana Butt showed the essence of her acting in the films Ishq Posito, Balu Mahi, Dil Diyan Galan, Dry Leaves and Beyond Hit Lo.

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