A mom’s 4 kids test positive for COVID-19, youngest 2 hospitalized

‘It’s just scary’: A Slidell mom’s 4 kids test positive for COVID-19, youngest 2 hospitalized

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Not one, but four kids testing positive for COVID-19. The youngest, 5-month-old Abigale and 2-year-old Shar are currently still at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, where there are little to no beds available. Abigale is on an assisted breathing machine, according to their mom, Gina Allen.

“The kids started coughing and sneezing. I, as a parent, felt like I failed. I felt like everything I had done to protect my kids was not good enough. I am telling you, the worst feeling as a parent is knowing you gave your child something that could possibly kill them,” Allen said.

Allen said she and her husband were both vaccinated when they caught COVID-19 from the workplace at least 15 days ago.

They immediately isolated from the kids, but soon after, the four each came down with symptoms. All four kids are under 12 and were unable to get vaccinated.

“My children went from laughing and playing babies to laying around. Every time they moved, they coughed. They could not breathe. I just cannot wait until my babies are home. I would say I cannot wait to take my son to Chuck E. Cheese, but I am afraid now to bring them anywhere in public,” Allen said.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish is still seeing some of the highest increases in cases and deaths in the entire state.

As schools come back for in-person instruction, Gina said the stakes are high. She had a message for those who do not agree with masks or vaccines, including those who rallied this past weekend.

“I have to work. My husband has to work. They are more than welcome to relieve one of my family members at the hospital, so they can see firsthand. To me, I do not think they will understand until they see firsthand. And I hope to God it is not with their own children,” Allen said.

Her 10-year-old and 11-year-old are said to be doing OK. Her 2-year-old son should be released from the hospital soon. Five-month-old Abigale is getting better every day.

Allen said she is hoping that there will soon be an option for distanced learning again in St. Tammany Parish.

She said her prayer is that every kid will have a safe school year.

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