12-year-old earns £290,000 by selling digital whale emojis


Benyamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old boy, has made about £290,000 by selling digital whale emojis called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). According to accounts, the child began coding when he was five years old, inspired by his father Imran, a software engineer.

NFTs allow artwork to be “tokenized,” creating a digital evidence of ownership that can be purchased and sold. They seldom offer the customer the original artwork or the copyright to it.

Ahmed had made a Minecraft-inspired digital-art collection that consisted of 40 colourful, pixelized avatars called Minecraft Yee Haa, however, it did not sell for a whopping amount. And later he went on for Weird Whales.

As reported by BBC, Ahmed and his brother Yousef were encouraged by their father, Imran —  a software developer — to learn coding at the ages of five and six.

Imran said the boys started doing it as a fun exercise but it got serious along the way and since coding is not easy to pick up, they used to practice 20 to 30 minutes every day, without breaks.

Ahmed told CNBC that he learned about NFTs earlier this year. “I got fascinated with NFTs because you can easily transfer the ownership of an NFT by the blockchain.”

His first collection on NFT, after learning about the technology, was inspired by Minecraft, a videogame. Ahmed had created 40 pixelated versions of Minecraft Yee Haa, as per CNBC.

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