11 Years old Hacked father’s account, Blackmailed him to give Rs 10 Crore

Shocking: 11-Year-Old Boy Learns Hacking Tips From YouTube, Demands Rs 10 Crore Ransom From Father

The pandemic has changed the equations and learning has shifted to online mode. YouTube has proved to be a great platform for all the students and learners. Not all make good use of such platforms. In an outrageous incident, an 11-year-old boy from India used YouTube to learn hacking tricks.

The boy called for extortion to his own father and asked for a ransom amount of Rs. 10 crores. If the money is not given, he threatened him to publish private pictures and family’s secrets all over the internet.

The incident saw light when the Ghaziabad( India) resident approached the police after receiving an extortion call from an unknown person. He told police that his email account was hacked and all of his private pictures from the account were used to blackmail him for the extortion money.

According to the victim, his email account was hacked on start of this year. He further said that hackers not only accessed his pictures but changed his password and his phone number associated with the account. He received a mail asking for Rs. 10 crore and continuous harassment calls to his entire family from the hackers.

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